We need a bronze V gamefaqs team for an experiment

#31JennaTahliaPosted 7/3/2013 10:03:14 PM
The only way the bots would win is if the humans aren't told that we're expecting them to lose. If 5 bronze V players happened to be on the same team in a bot game, they wouldn't be taking it very seriously and bots gets pretty OP if you let them get to 25-30 minutes. If you told the players what we were doing, they would tryhard and win easily.
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Dartkun posted...
Just did a 1v5 against bots. Super easy because they are exploitable. Their AI is so bad.

Apparently it doesn't show up in the post-game image, but I got a penta kill. Plus how would I get kills if the game was empty.


And again with AP Cow


I'd be amazed if you could find players who couldn't 1v5 the bots if they put their minds to it.

I 1v1 Annie bot in customs as Rammus, build yellow boots zeal only and went 0/37 with revive. Still won.

It has to be co-op vs AI, not customs.
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Meh, just lemme know when the experiment happens, my in game name is Gailie
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