How would you rank the ADCs by early game laning ability?

#11DefendsPandasPosted 7/3/2013 9:27:31 AM
imo Caitlyn is the strongest laner ADC wise. Has great range and you really don't need to spam anything. You can just sit back and farm away.
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Guessing nobody likes Quinn...
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#13Plague1503Posted 7/3/2013 9:50:32 AM
quinn draven cait
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#14Plague1503Posted 7/3/2013 9:51:01 AM
although i wouldn't play quinn as an adc bot, top or mid is where she shines
"Every time that IdrA accidentally lost a few drones i wanted to be like "TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!""
#15natchu96(Topic Creator)Posted 7/3/2013 8:05:16 PM
easymodexz posted...

1. Draven
2. Cait / Twitch
3. Varus / Ashe / MF / Ez / Graves
4. Sivir / Kog / Vayne / Corki
5. Trist

A lot of it depends on which support, which exact matchup, and how familiar the player is with the enemy ADC.

Wait, Trist lower than the other two hypercarries?

I know I haven't been all too successful with her outside of farming continuously and fleeing like a coward for the first 15 minutes, but her 1v1 is really that bad?

But between the two percent magic ADCs I remember, Varus is more known for teamfight utility (or utility in general) than actually exploding single people compared to Kog and Vayne, correct?
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#16Omega BizkitPosted 7/3/2013 8:12:00 PM
Draven, Caitlyn, Graves, Twitch, Varus, Miss Fortune, Ezreal, Vayne, Ashe, Tristana, Kog'maw. Just IMO.
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#17T8inchesPosted 7/3/2013 8:14:38 PM
Quin has to be up there. I would say in third place below Cait and Draven. A blind in lane against AA dependent opponents makes you a huge bully.
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#19gallantknightPosted 7/3/2013 8:29:10 PM(edited)
SS tier
Caitlyn (TOO SAFE)

S Tier
Quinn (BLIND OP)
Graves (A really good balance of damage, defenses, blind, gapcloser/escape/steroid)
Varus (sniping, strong burst with good blight management)

A Tier
MF (No escape but lots of damage, good at farming, snappy AA, strong hit and runner. Heal debuff good in duels because most ADCs take LS quints early now along with Dblade or Vamp Sceptre)
Corki (dem mana costs... but strong burst and escape/engage potential)

B Tier
Tristana (All ins like a baus. Gotta learn how to farm with her because her E can mess up last hitting. Initially very weak, cannot duel early. Once you get a couple ad items last hitting under the tower isn't that bad.)
Vayne (gets bullied around but if she gets 1 opportunity and she's any good she will kick your ass)
Twitch (what I said about Vayne. Vision Wards OP against both though)

C Tier
Ashe (she's ****.)
Sivir (So is she, even if you're god tier with her shield. If you get a lead you're golden though.)
Kog'maw (I've seen Kog'maws do really well in lane. Their opponents usually suck ass, though.)

I think this list is situational and depends a lot on the support though.
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