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3 years ago#1
This is the OFFICIALLY OUTRAGEOUS topic, where you can post anything that is outrageous.

I will start.

If Raptor Jesus is your lord and savior and you are 100% proud of it, copy this into your signature.
3 years ago#2
Signatures that consist of quotes are bizarre- you could falsify a quote and no one would know.-Jesus
3 years ago#3

*Gets banned*
3 years ago#4
Schmelton is NOT good.
Not happy with committing just murder, he had to go and dirty the courthouse, too!? GUILTY - Judge
<Official topic-ender of GameFAQs>
3 years ago#5

needs a taricxez version of this
No exaggeration.
3 years ago#6
Ultraknight64 posted...
Schmelton is NOT good.

get outta here with that
The official OnionOfMystery of Reality.
"Vaan is like a Robin in a universe composed entirely of Batmans."
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