What is funner than a fed Nasus?

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User Info: kainxkixir

3 years ago#1
Literally an unstoppable juggernaut. Very possible to 1v4 and 1v5 under good circumstances. Being able to just walk towards a enemy team with your Q charged up and 4 of them start backing off because none of them want to get chunked for 1/4th of their health even without his E.
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User Info: SorrySleeping

3 years ago#2
Only 1/4th? Do they all have 4k+ HP with 300 armor?
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User Info: Suicidal Smurf

Suicidal Smurf
3 years ago#3
vi killing ppl in 3 shots is more fun
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User Info: BasedKobeKiLLA

3 years ago#4
pentakill with heimerdinger
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User Info: FlameLord23

3 years ago#5
Because you used the completely wrong word for more fun (and I've played Nasus and know it's funny as hell to play late game Nasus), I assumed you said funnier.

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User Info: fft_ramza

3 years ago#6
A fed Fiora is even funnier, ult+hydra pentakills for the lulz
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User Info: Boogyy

3 years ago#7
Fed skarner
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User Info: Darkemaste

3 years ago#8
Fed uber-lategame Sion with a hydra.
Can't kill him, and his team ends up walking away with full/close to full health after a teamfight.
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User Info: OwlRammer

3 years ago#9
From: BasedKobeKiLLA | #004
pentakill with heimerdinger


nothing better than being a juicy target with 20% hp or less... only for the enemy team to chase you and you get a penta lolololol
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User Info: Mueviz

3 years ago#10
A fed Poppy is more fun.
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