What champions excel late game?

#1Coop14Posted 7/4/2013 7:39:10 AM
4-6 items. Level 18.

I know...


Just curious what other champions do insanely well late game outta curiosity.
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#2NYGFan2008Posted 7/4/2013 7:39:45 AM
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#3HeartlessCharmsPosted 7/4/2013 7:40:27 AM
Fizz excels late game?
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#4ZimmianZiskPosted 7/4/2013 7:41:23 AM
things people have already said
arguably Karthus.
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#5shadow99226Posted 7/4/2013 7:54:37 AM
Basically all AD carries.
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#6Metal_Gear_LinkPosted 7/4/2013 7:55:37 AM
shadow99226 posted...
Basically all AD carries.

However none of them could take onn a fully stacked Karthus or Jax
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#7NicoGrimmPosted 7/4/2013 7:58:41 AM
Isnt Twitch an end game hyper carry?
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#8Brt83Posted 7/4/2013 7:59:40 AM
full build kayle is also very scary...
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#9natchu96Posted 7/4/2013 8:02:11 AM
AD carries in general, with ranged hypercarries being the best among them lategame and hypercarries overall having the best lategame (whole reason people even call them that anyway).
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#10negative4Posted 7/4/2013 8:16:35 AM
Some that haven't been mentioned are Ryze, Nasus, Veigar, Trist and Kog.

I think Trist/Vayne/Kog are the true three ADC hypercarries that just dominates late game with ease because of their kit. Karthus just does way too much DPS if he sits on you after putting a wall over you.
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