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NOTE: All times are subject to change)

Kobe 24

Thursday - Starting at 2:00 pm EST or 11:00 am PST (For PST subtract 3 hours from EST)

2:00 pm: Curse vs Vulcan
3:00 pm: Velocity vs Team Solomid
4:00 pm: Cloud 9 vs Dignitas
5:00 pm: Counter logic gaming vs Coast
6:00 pm: Curse vs Cloud 9
7:00 pm: Team Solomid vs Coast
8:00 pm: Velocity vs Counter logic gaming
9:00 pm: Dignitas vs Vulcan

I think it's just a one day event this week, not sure.
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Lol NyJacky: TSM TSM! then we beat them... NO TSM
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joonyoungie posted...
Lol NyJacky: TSM TSM! then we beat them... NO TSM

nyjacky is probably the best trash talker in the LCS. I love it.

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Pretty sure TSM is going to fail this week too, there wasn't much time between MLG and today that TSM should do anything spectacular.
#6joonyoungiePosted 7/4/2013 11:51:08 AM
I'm neither a fan or hater of TSM but I really want them to lose both games today because it will make GameCribs have more drama.
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Why does Curse always ban Lissandra?
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Finally, a Swain!
#9shadyelfPosted 7/4/2013 11:56:40 AM
oh gawd swain
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Dude. Yeah Swain was a mispick and they don't want it. I knew there was no way.