In your experience, who are late game monsters (not adcs)?

#1DarkestPandaPosted 7/4/2013 12:23:04 PM
Sejuani is really scary if she makes it into late game.
#2negative4Posted 7/4/2013 12:28:54 PM

There's tons of "monsters" though late game if you want to include champs like Vlad, Orianna, or Malphite.
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#3KirbixPosted 7/4/2013 12:31:47 PM
Truly tanky cc machines are scary late. Malph, amumu and nautilus are terrifying at the end because they can shut people down and still deal some solid deeps
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#4wthamidoingPosted 7/4/2013 12:43:56 PM
cho gath is a monster
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#5darkwing1232Posted 7/4/2013 12:53:37 PM
Nasus, Wukong, Kass, Oriana, Diana, Kayle, Singed
#6GameEnforcerPosted 7/4/2013 12:56:12 PM
Vladimir. Chogath. Olaf