So what can they do to nerf Elise?

#1GujinKamiPosted 7/8/2013 9:39:40 AM
I personally feel she suffers from the same thing Jarvan has, where no matter how they get nerfed, they'll sill be amazing due to their kit.
#2KirbixPosted 7/8/2013 9:41:48 AM
You can nerf the bases on Q/W. I'm not sure just how much that helps, but putting Elise in a position where she actually needs AP to deal damage late would certainly be a step in the right direction.
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#3Dark_Luna3Posted 7/8/2013 9:44:39 AM
Higher cooldowns in human form should do nicely. I don't think spider form needs nerfs though.
#4NicoGrimmPosted 7/8/2013 9:54:56 AM
Make Q cost a lot of mana so it can't be spammed.
Make Spider Form not give any bonus stats.
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