Patch 3.9 Notes and Preview

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Good lord they nerfed Hecarim again? Riot when will it end?

Until he's dead. Which is never because he's already dead.

Well historically speaking, Riot doesn't stop nerfing certain champions until they completely fall off of/become nearly non-existent which only ends up in them needing to be buffed/re-worked a year and a half later and then eventually nerfed into a worse state than before the re-buffs/re-work designed to "fix" them.
Theres actually a handful of champions that fall into this category. :s
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RIP in peace, toaster jokes
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I used the ping to make sure my game didn't crash.

Someone can be stuck on a random percentage for a minute, but if the ping moves I knew I was good.

PS: that teemo in the patch preview!
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From: Dark Shooting Star | #052
RIP in peace, toaster jokes

You can still see their percentage while loading, just not a bar
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Boo Kennen nerf.
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LMFAO @ Draven's new buff

First blood will have a whole new meaning in a more passive lane
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