some post-nerf jayce feedback

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Kyerofox posted...
batman3k5 posted...
So your mad riot fixed and op/broken champ?

Yet Nid wasn't touched, shut up. they should have thought about his nerf when they gave ARAM the Orb. ARAM is where most of the Jayce is too OP QQing came from.

Here, let Mr Piccalo say it.

Maybe because nid's spear isn't AoE, which means easier to dodge, harder to hit with and easily intercepted by minions.
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#22Stalky24Posted 7/10/2013 5:38:40 PM
flat 16 seconds are incredibly harsh. Flat 14-12 seconds would be more fair, but 16 seconds is just crazy.

I agree with removing tear stack from passive, it was ridiculous, but I dont agree with 4 second cooldown, that's too much.

They overnerfed Manamune users a little. It wont stop me from playing him at all tho, but I might have to take a break from my surprise jungle Jayce with 17 min Muramana.