Who would win: Yoko Kurama or Ahri?

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Ephidel posted...
Spacefrisian posted...
Ahri, cause i dont know who Yokowho is.

Sorry for not watching what you watch.

Yu Yu Hakusho is such a classic that it's like you just said "Sorry for not watching what you watch" about Citizen Kane or Star Wars.

It's nothing like that.

thats why is hard to take you seriously, by the time you have a good argument i will have a perfect english grammar
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I seriously doubt many people even watch Yu Yu hakusho. RIP in peace good animus
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I think Ahri will get killed brutally and painfully.
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We need a champ like kuro momentaro which breaks orbs with his.ult and changes shape plus becomes immune to the first attack of a certain type like ad or ap.
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Are u actually comparing a fairly obscure anime to citizen kane or star wars?

How conceited can you get about your personal likes lol.