so patch 3.9, i still got plenty of time to get to silver yes?

#11EphidelPosted 7/24/2013 11:41:17 PM
Kirby1207 posted...
Riot does their patches like this x.y

x= season number
y= patch number

Actually, they only started that with this season, and I'm pretty sure it was after season 3 had already started. The last patch before 3.01 was, for some reason. I'm guessing it's similar to how Firefox started using whole numbers for every new version to make things more "clear." Though I expect they will make a pattern out of it when season 4 starts.
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so which is it? bronze 3 or bronze 2?
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Chargers_31 posted...
What happens after a season? Can you only play normals or something?

they count preseason 4 games as season 4 games.
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OwlRammer posted...
so which is it? bronze 3 or bronze 2?

currently bronze 2 but im probably going back down to bronze 3 seeing as this is my first time up in bronze 2
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