kha counters?

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how does ryze fight khazix early

Levels 1-3 Ryze can zone and out trade Kha'zix with little trouble.

not really
Get dumpstered.
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Karma does pretty well against him, she can zone him pretty hard and due to Mantra W and her shield it's hard for Kha to get any damage to stick on her.
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Ryze it is. Build dat armor. Bug can't leap away with rune prison.
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Renekton will typically dumpster truck him.
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Most effective one I know is Swain.
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Cho Gath does pretty well
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Tristana counters his jump with a jump of her own, and she has a wound which stops his burst healing. Then there's dat lv6 disengage.

Yorick summons ghoulies, so he's never alone and Kha's Q doesn't get the bonus if a ghoulie is around.

Fizz is just an all round slippery bugger, which could be handy against him. Also wounds.

Or you could go for Gragas, Malph or Rammus (yes, midlane Rammus) for a sheer statistical advantage. Namely, Gragas has flat damage reduction, heals himself and has an AS debuff, Malph has the shield to absorb his W damage, and Rammus has dat Taunt and crazy armour scalings to work with.
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