NA LCS Week 7 Topic

#1AceWingstaPosted 7/25/2013 11:47:12 AM

NOTE: (All times are subject to change)


Thursday - Starting at 4:00 pm EST or 1:00 pm PST (For PST subtract 3 hours from EST)

4:00 pm: Velocity vs Cloud 9
5:00 pm: Dignitas vs Team Solomid
6:00 pm: Coast vs Vulcun
7:00 pm: Counter Logic Gaming vs Curse
8:00 pm: Team Solomid vs Vulcun
9:00 pm: Cloud 9 vs Coast

Friday - Starting at 4:00 pm EST or 1:00 pm PST (For PST subtract 3 hours from EST)

4:00 pm: Counter Logic Gaming vs Dignitas
5:00 pm: Curse vs Velocity
6:00 pm: Team Solomid vs Cloud 9
7:00 pm: Curse vs Dignitas
8:00 pm: Velocity vs Coast
9:00 pm: Vulcun vs Counter Logic Gaming

Wow, just typing this up made me hype for specific matches already!
#2HeartlessCharmsPosted 7/25/2013 11:48:35 AM
I feel bad for VES. I really wanted them to keep their winning streak to keep the morale.
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#3booyaka619Posted 7/25/2013 11:49:00 AM
Curse will shock the world with the best comeback in LCS history! You'll see! ><
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#4Vampire_WreathPosted 7/25/2013 12:12:11 PM
I hope Velocity wins.
#5phantomX122Posted 7/25/2013 12:15:16 PM
GG didn't ban rumble i want VES to win this as much as anyone but they got rumble and kennen
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#6DlSTURBED4282Posted 7/25/2013 12:18:12 PM
I think Ecco has shown that his TF is pretty nasty, but I think C9's comp is absolutely terrifying.

#7BelligeroPosted 7/25/2013 12:18:24 PM
Pick and Ban phases didn't look too pretty for Velocity.
#8KythosPosted 7/25/2013 12:19:39 PM
as far as champ select goes it looks like C9 won out
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#9OnionOfMysteryPosted 7/25/2013 12:20:53 PM
It's so hard to root for them when it's up against C9 with all their favorite champs.
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#10HeartlessCharmsPosted 7/25/2013 12:25:48 PM
VES looks like a completely different team right now.
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