Who is more hated: Ocelot in EU or Reginald in NA?

#1iiTryhardPosted 7/27/2013 1:29:34 PM
Omg nob feder i do better in lcs gg bronzelot - Results (72 votes)
84.72% (61 votes)
15.28% (11 votes)
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just a screenshot of the twitch chat after SK's game today:


People say Regi is the most universally hated pro but i see 10x the hate for oce. Opinions?
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#2DeanyzyPosted 7/27/2013 1:31:30 PM
I'd say Regi, people rag on Oce when he plays bad but I wouldn't say he's hated.
#3DartkunPosted 7/27/2013 1:34:34 PM(edited)
The only reason I dislike Regi is because he's apparently "the best TF in NA" and he's garbage.


It just makes me sad.
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#4XcZeus3469Posted 7/27/2013 1:32:39 PM
this is actually a hard question. I'm not sure.
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#5xDarknezzxPosted 7/27/2013 1:32:39 PM
regi because of gamecribs
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#6aHappySackaPosted 7/27/2013 1:36:18 PM
The main difference between the two is that Ocelot is actually good looking.
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#7badownzuPosted 7/27/2013 1:38:55 PM
xDarknezzx posted...
regi because of gamecribs


Poor Xpecial :'(
#8BhallspawnPosted 7/27/2013 1:44:43 PM
Yea ppl hate ocelote, thats why he always have close or over 20k viewers when he streams and he is entertaining streamer like it or not. Unlike Reginald who truth be told looks like a gorila and when he speaks all u hear is "bro this, bro that, man,wtf, huhuhu". I literaly watch his streams on mute and that is last resrot aka no other good streamer is online..
#9ryanaPosted 7/27/2013 1:49:03 PM
People hate Regi, they're jealous of Ocelote cuz he can pull off the scarf.
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#10PrizmSlashPosted 7/27/2013 1:58:42 PM(edited)