C/D rengar has the best voice in league

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User Info: xHaterade

3 years ago#1

strikes fear into my heart

hes the best

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User Info: BeerBongJohn

3 years ago#2
inb4 a whole bunch of nerds say Nasus
mod me if you hear me

User Info: CyborgSage00x0

3 years ago#3
traditional Trundle>Urgot>All
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User Info: HeartlessCharms

3 years ago#4
"I'd rather die than be average."
Flare the Echidna 3 years ago#5

User Info: zodiac night

zodiac night
3 years ago#6
his laugh is definitely top 3, maybe best in the game

User Info: Pyramidhead_37

3 years ago#7
Tristana has the best voice

"i wanna shoot somethiiiing"

oohh yyyeah
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User Info: NatetheGreat333

3 years ago#8
No love for Zac?
evil99019 posted...
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User Info: CobraKingKiller

3 years ago#9
Gonna be that guy, Teemo's laugh.
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User Info: Edgemaster70000

3 years ago#10
Zac and Nasus both beat him by a mile.
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