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3 years ago#71
g-cube_masta posted...
Gambit's pick comp is scary. So much CC and damage.

Shen is the only tank though and Vayne can deal with him.

This is going to be a really good game because both comps are good and neither counter each other. This is going to be all about which team can make the better plays.

yeah this is working out just like I thought

just both teams using their champs strengths to make awesome plays

this is a really great game.
3 years ago#72

3 years ago#73
why would gambit force a fight when EG has baron
3 years ago#74
This is the nature of Gambit. They fight no matter what..
3 years ago#75
lol dat throw
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3 years ago#76
what a massive throw lmao

darien facechecks baron, not too big of a deal he took dmg but was out, didn't have shen ult

then diamondprox initiates a fight there when shen doesn't have ult for him and varus is at mid inner turret away from the fight

then they force a fight when EG has baron and get stomped in it and lose the game off that

EG did really well to hold off Gambit's early lead and turn things around by baiting baron.
3 years ago#77
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3 years ago#78
one bad engagement, game over.
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3 years ago#79
All Gambit had to do was send Shen to one lane, TF to another, and the rest to the third, and choke the life out of EG. Instead they kept grouping, had a fight go wrong, gave up baron, and then immediately fought again instead of waiting it out. They won laning phase significantly but have no strategy in late game aside from "f*** b****es, get money"
3 years ago#80
I can't believe what I just watched. It almost looked intentional.
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