Predictions for today's EU LCS.

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3 years ago#1
Fnatic goes 0-2 and wakes up, realising that random player swaps and even more random strats just won't carry them anymore. Fnatic gets into relegations.

ATN goes 1-1, beating NiP and losing to EG, barely making it into playoffs.

NiP goes 0-2. Loses to both ATN and SK and continues to be in a slump.

MYM goes 2-0. First crushes Fnatic, that underestimates them and then they beat Lemondogs, because they will be a little careless and miracles happen.

SK, EG and Gambit goes 1-0, keeping them in playoffs.

Lemondogs, EG and Gambit will go to Worlds, even though it pains me to see ATN and SK not make it.
3 years ago#2
Cube goes 8-0, clinches spot in worlds.
3 years ago#3
Fnatic, NIP, LD, EG, SK and Gambit win.

Gambit, LD, EG goes to worlds.
3 years ago#4
Incoming Wukong fotm.
3 years ago#5
MYM why you do this
3 years ago#6
I think NIP will beat SK. SK's weakness is oce and NIP's only saving grace is bjergsen. So there's that.
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