Dynasty Warriors references that I have found in LOL

#41PAHERZPosted 8/18/2013 8:54:27 AM
xiahou ba, zhong hui, pang tong, and cai wenji all came after the champions release
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#42SludgyPosted 8/18/2013 9:21:45 AM
There are a ton of things here that are just grasping at straws.

Zhenji fights with a Flute, not a magic rod.

Pang Tong's DW8 weapon(since you posted his DW8 picture im assuming you mean that one) is an over sized fan. It doesnt look like a lamp at all...and he doesnt look like Jax at all.

Zhu Rong would be closer to Sivir like people said earlier. Nidalee turns into a cat, she doesnt have pet tigers like Zhu Rong does.

Yue Ying uses a Dagger-Axe not a magic rod like Lux. Not sure what game you are playing where they are similar.

Xu Huang has always worn a turban(exception of DW6). Talon wears a hood, not a turban. That one was pretty farfetchd

Cai Wenji having a Harp is the only thing close to Sona, and that isnt enough to be considered a reference.

Now to your Guan Yu and Master Yi thing. Yi is based on the Wushu Masters of old school kung-fu movies(hence Wuju style instead of Wushu)

His weapon is based on the 9-ringed blade that masters were said to wield. It was a heavy saber like weapon with rings in its blade. You should have just made a reference to Sun Jian since he actually has that weapon now.

Just because Yi's is yellow and real swords are silver doesnt break the argument, he lives in a fictional world with fictional metals. It could have been rainbow colored and called Vibrantium and it would still work the way im saying.
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Based on Dynasty Warriors 6 or older models of the character, most of TC points are useless because in those game, the models are not even remotely close to the champions.
Dynasty Warriors 7 was released after LoL.
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Guan Yu didnt carry a spear, more something akin a Halberd.

Only warring state skins are 1 on 1 references to Dynasty Warriors, the rest is unintended.
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PAHERZ posted...
xiahou ba, zhong hui, pang tong, and cai wenji all came after the champions release

Pang Tong's been around since DW3.

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