Quick! Convince me not to buy the Lucian bundle!

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2 years ago#1
IGN: Frank West
2 years ago#2
His recall sends him to prison
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2 years ago#3
his ult makes badass sounds and he looks like he's from the matrix

guns r goofy
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2 years ago#4
His skin looks stupid. There's your reason.
2 years ago#5
It'll be 975 after the bundle. You'll save 300 this way.
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2 years ago#6
Don't buy the Lucian bundle.
2 years ago#7
Not to buy it?
Lucian is currently bugged. One of his abilities, the one people will typically want to start with, can randomly cost double mana for no added benefit. If this bug happens a lot early game, you run out of mana much faster than you should, and you can't fight to save yourself if things go wrong.
A friend of mine who played him on the PBE described him as "clunky" compared to how he was on the PBE. Having seen him play as other ADCs, and play as lucian, I believe him.
Lucian's skin isn't nearly as neat as so many other skins you COULD get.
3 reasons, there you go.
The guy who thinks Karma is a viable champion.
Hero's aren't made. They're cornered.
2 years ago#8
Hes black
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2 years ago#9
I can do this legitimately.

One) If you read his lore, you can see Riot clearly wanted to establish Senna as a lost cause. In passing, it says that "her soul is lost," but that Lucian will fight on. So encouraging.

Two) Riot will never progress the storyline of League of Legends, anyway.

I, too, thought about purchasing Lucian today, but the truth is I can never save his wife -- and neither can you. That is why you shouldn't buy the Lucian bundle.
2 years ago#10
ChrroMan91 posted...
Hes black

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