Why cant i gift a champion with ip?

#11g-cube_mastaPosted 9/3/2013 8:51:28 PM
preventing IP farming bots
#12Kirby_GuruPosted 9/3/2013 9:18:01 PM
And you could gift a bunch from your smurf to your main, and they don't want to support smurfing
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#13megadude1Posted 9/3/2013 9:18:46 PM
riot should make IP champ gifting possible if you have everything unlocked including runes.
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#14BabyrichyPosted 9/3/2013 10:05:29 PM
As others have said, people would start to abuse it in order to make money.

Oh you want to buy some champs with RP? Well how about you send me real money, and I gift you champs with IP for a fraction of the cost?

People who have all the champs and runes they want could basically turn league into a money making game, resulting in a lot of lost funds for riot and a lot our out of game real money transactions behind the scenes.
#15OwlRammerPosted 9/3/2013 10:06:38 PM
probably because someone could just gift all the champions to a smurf account or something.
#16GGAGAHCPosted 9/3/2013 10:52:16 PM
ssj4supervegeta posted...
why is that a rule? if i want to give a friend (or an alt...) a champion, why do i have to spend real money to do it lol

Everyone made very valid points about money-making but this is what came to mind first. Why would Riot support further smurfing?
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#17MMG_Posted 9/3/2013 10:56:57 PM
Forgettable posted...
It doesn't make Riot any money.

Well said bro.
#18DarkemastePosted 9/3/2013 11:04:26 PM
Tbh I don't see why not, if someone already has every champion or pretty darn close to it.
I mean what else are people going to spend their IP on when they already have them all and already bought every rune they need/use?
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