Have barely played any games in the past week, got banned for 7 days.

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User Info: AC_Dragonfire

3 years ago#1
Just wanted to do a co-op game and get my daily IP but I guess I got banned for just talking. There was only 1 game that I was negative and that was because my ADC just pulled the plug on his modem and didn't come back. Yeah man I'm support and my trash jungler goes 0/4... I freakin main jungle and it really just annoys the **** outta me when people do that bad and don't know how to gank properly or even play right.

1st aram game my whole team just sucks hard. like seriously 4/10 vayne. 6/14 master yi. 3/7 Ashe. oh let's not forget 3/8 Nami. Seriously people report just cuz I did better than them in the game.

2nd game NOBODY BUILDS TANKY. Seriously even the Lee sin didn't build tanky and neither did the Kha'zix. I kept telling em to build tanky and they just don't wanna listen.

Like seriously 3 games were aram and the other 2 had afk's. If they wanna ban me for 7 days then so be it. **** this community, the afk's, and the ragequitters. Then there's people lucky enough to get into silver and not be in bronze as they should. Seriously I got out of bronze 2, TWICE this season and the 2nd time was because I quit for a good 2 months. So fustrating.


User Info: 0mola

3 years ago#2
Completely just and fair ban. You deserve it

User Info: kickthegnome

3 years ago#3


User Info: Bhellium

3 years ago#4
cya nerd
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User Info: matrix0523

3 years ago#5
Complaining about your teammates during an ARAM? That should be punishable just because you actually care that much.
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User Info: FvP

3 years ago#6
ez punish thx for the tribunal rank
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User Info: ineedaname88

3 years ago#7
You again TC?....
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User Info: NoMercy4no0ne

3 years ago#8
Tc, please leave. Have a nice day.
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User Info: Dark Young Link

Dark Young Link
3 years ago#9
0mola posted...
Completely just and fair ban. You deserve it
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User Info: Theshamen

3 years ago#10
I hate that yelling at baddies is bannable

Telling the other team whats happening?
Threatening physical harm?
Breaking Meta?

All fine

Insults? GGriot changing the internet
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