The last champion you played and your favorite champion exchange weapons and--

#31KonaflarePosted 9/19/2013 8:43:44 PM
Tryndamere gets a staff + Pix, Lulu gets a giant sword... W
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#32fattonygambinoPosted 9/19/2013 9:02:53 PM
Rammus gets a glaive attached to his back that he just wals into things and kills them and Hecarim rolls around at great speeds...this is hilarious and terrifying at the same time.
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#33_GFK_Posted 9/19/2013 9:09:07 PM
Viktor gets a giant spear, Jarvan gets a staff and extra robot arm.
#34AlitheiaaPosted 9/22/2013 5:19:37 PM(edited)
Nami... stays Nami.


Yes, even going back a game. And 2. And 3.
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#35cleggy2100Posted 9/24/2013 6:27:35 AM
Aatrox has a broken sword while Riven's is all fixed.
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#36JJroootPosted 9/24/2013 6:28:16 AM
Shen with a huge Tryndamere sword.... *drools*
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#37kiba312Posted 9/24/2013 6:31:04 AM
So Orianna holds a knife and jump at people for attacking
Rengar controls a ball to attack people

oh noes 0.o
#38qqaaxxPosted 9/24/2013 7:02:26 AM
Ashe blows darts

Cute little Teemo has cute poison arrows.

Next yordle champ better have a bow and arrow.
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#39pieaterPosted 9/24/2013 10:13:40 AM
Zyra now throws energy balls at people.
Karma now flings thorns.

Wow that was boring.
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#40SoIldSnlvyPosted 9/24/2013 10:15:53 AM
Poppy now smacks people with Renekton's thing

Renekton now smacks people with Poppy's hammer.

Not much changes really.
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