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3 years ago#1
well i have been playing draven as an adc, and i quite llike the character (hell i got a penta the second time i used him), but i have a question late game how important is to catch his q? early game is imperatiby but late?
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3 years ago#2
It's a major part of his power, but late game you're an ADC. You're going to hit hard with just auto attacks. It's not imperative but it helps you one and two shot people.
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3 years ago#3
It's best to use your own judgement. If you're in a good spot where your team is pressuring the enemy, you should have enough room to catch them without being mauled. If your own team is being pressured, your positioning will be more important so it's best to stay on the outskirts steroiding and using E and R as appropriate. It also depends on your build - you'll get a much bigger DPS increase using your Q with an AD-heavy build compared to an AS/crit build, so prioritize catching axes slightly more if you're building a lot of AD.
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