I will never get my Victorious Elise skin.

#1FuStillBetter3Posted 9/23/2013 10:06:03 PM
Got into silver 4 qualis twice, lost both. Ever since then, I just CAN NOT get back to them. Stuck at 0 lp, I'll win 2 or 3, and just tilt terribly. Last game we had a Huedekaiser go mid and he completely shuts down the enemy Annie. Well on our way to victory, he decides that he doesn't care about the game anymore, and just starts to feed, never goes with the team, and even tells us that he just doesn't care anymore.

Elise is my favorite champion, and I've been playing this game for HOURS every day trying to get Gold, and I just can't do it. Can't ****ing do it.
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Carry harder
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Here's a song for you:


And another version you might be able to use to carry yourself:

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Were people flaming the morde? I normally do subtle things to throw games even if Im not the one getting flamed. Its funny to stress the person out more. Well worth a loss if they are really bad.

Elise is who got me to gold so keep with it, I played her Mid Jungle and Top then Taric or Lulu support.
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If it makes you feel better, I lost my promo to S1 3 times in one day.
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I drew a quick drawing of the difficulty of getting out of first divisions;


If you can't get out of Silver 4 you have almost no hope of gold unless you improve a lot. Division 1s suck. You need huge win streaks to go up. I was stuck in Silver 1 for a while on NA (over 100 games) then shot straight into Gold V and climbed to Gold III quickly.

I improved, and got better ping on OCE and got stuck in Gold I. I stayed for over 100 games, but now Plat V isn't hard to climb through. It's like 4-5 games to get to promos in 5-2, but in Div 1s you need a ridiculous amount of wins to get to promo.
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People stopped banning Shen/Amumu/Malph for the tournament assassins. Use that or Nasus. Collect wins.
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Cheer up! If you never got it then it wasn't exactly yours in first place. You lost nothing!
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SpinAsbel posted...
Cheer up! If you never got it then it wasn't exactly yours in first place. You lost nothing!

He lost time. He may look at the past when he's sixty and think "man, all that time wasted trying to get gold with so many good games around."
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