I play Syndra,Oianna,Ahri,and Fizz who are the champs I do and dont want to see?

#1Keybored123Posted 9/26/2013 7:55:38 AM
Just getting into ranked and Im playing a lot of mid with the four champs in the title. If I need to I can play most positions but Im best at mid. I usually go into the game thinking that I can win vs someone if I just outplay them. That being said I really should learn what the hard/easy matchups are. For instance I love playing Syndra but against what champs should I pick her ? I know some people share the opinion that fizz counters everything .

So TL;DR what champs do I want or dont want to see with Syndra,Oianna,Ahri,and Fizz
#2NicoGrimmPosted 9/26/2013 7:57:25 AM
I get that people hate Fizz because he's "overpowered" and whatever, but I think a good Fizz is very fun to watch.
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Le Blanc, Zed, Lissandra, Ap Malphite if you never faced him,
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A good Zed will give everyone of those a difficult time.
Kassadin is a bit weak to fizz, but strong vs. all the rest.
Talon is also a tough matchup for just about everyone, I think orianna being your best pick vs. him.
Continuing with the theme of AD assassins, Lee Sin and Kha'Zix are also pretty strong vs. these champs.

That being said, just about any AP mid I can think of and you're ready for them.

If you want an easy-to-pick-up champ to kinda close that minor weakness, Ryze and Annie work well. Lissandra too, if you want to keep with your major skill-shot base.
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With all burst casters that have low survivability, beware a good Talon.

Other champs have silence, but not that many have the burst to go with it.

That, or another burst caster/assassin, but at least then you can still try to kill them first. Then Talon's silence runs out and he just ults so you can't aim at him anyway.

Only reason people don't play Talon is that he has no way of getting out alive from a big fight after killing the first guy and basically has to stick around killing more people (and risk dying) or be creative (creativity is a scarce trait these days it seems).
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Wukong or Riven mid will destroy all of those if the player is decent (especially Wukong).
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#7Suffer_NotPosted 9/26/2013 9:54:12 AM
Swain hard counters Fizz. He also does well against Ahri.

I'm under the impression that Galio beats all of them in lane, but they tend to make it up once they start roaming.
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Suffer_Not posted...
Swain hard counters Fizz.

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Suffer_Not posted...
Swain hard counters Fizz. He also does well against Ahri.

I'm under the impression that Galio beats all of them in lane, but they tend to make it up once they start roaming.


Swain does not hard counter Fizz. He doesn't even counter Fizz, it's pretty much the other way around.
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#10Keybored123(Topic Creator)Posted 9/26/2013 10:20:56 AM
can someone explain to me how wu kong mid works ? I might add him to my arsenal next