LoL World Championship Series Semi Finals Topic/Discussion Part Two! (Spoilers)

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So strategy, teamwork, and good plays are less valuable that raw numbers?

The team that consistently dominated gained no advantage from it. That's flawed game design.

NA player? I notice that many NA players expect to just 'win' after winning fights and chasing for kills all game. You have to push lanes and take objectives to win the game. Kills don't get you wins. They can help but its no guarantee. In fact, if you dominate and don't bother to push or gather objectives then get killed. The momentum shifts to the other team because of bounty kills.
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fnatic was always losing in lane, especially the duo lane. they were fighting from behind most of the time. the reason they were even in the game was those kills making up for the gold difference in CS. they can't capitalize more on the kills because, like already said, they were not in a position to do it.

Thing is, they can work on those things to get better. They can practice hard and make their mechanics even better they could be even stronger next year. But its not as easy as that I guess.

yeah. hard though like you said because it's easy to go from bad to good, completely different story going from great to even greater. but i'm really impress how all series long, they've been winning fights even when down in gold. they can always catch people for kill. they set traps like no other. i'm genuinely shock at how they even hold off royal club for so long even after they got baron in game 4. if they can just improve their laning, they will be insanely good.
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I know I'm late but, Tabe's interviews are legendary.