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I kinda enjoy watching pros plays more than playing the game itself.fallen_acolyte710/24 6:49PM
Flash Sale Official Topic
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lightdragoon884710/24 6:31PM
What are your picks for TT Hexakill?
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Black_Assassin1910/24 6:27PM
Wow, my friend is so mean!Mario_VS_DK510/24 6:26PM
Season 5 Kayle Jungle?kcbeliever110/24 6:25PM
void staff vs other ap items
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chobit_A5HL3Y1210/24 6:19PM
Ashe hack is now fixed according to RiotDartkun810/24 6:17PM
List of 2014 rewards/skins?solidusocelot310/24 5:53PM
What's your favorite in game icon (Item/ability)?SeizureGoat210/24 5:45PM
Is Maw/Hexdrinker good on Zed?
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frogzx1210/24 5:44PM
Do 'Murricans seriously think they stand a chance against the average EU player?bretonftw510/24 5:39PM
did u get sp00ked when u tried to log into League of Legends PC Edition (Poll)
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zhe_king_of_ape1910/24 5:34PM
Support mains - do you build Locket/Mikael's at all?
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nissan skyline2710/24 5:31PM
New sion
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steamwr4p2310/24 5:30PM
any reason adcs push lane hard when the enemies are really low hp?
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darkphoenix1812710/24 5:26PM
Trinity force on Graves?
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vonKrahe3010/24 5:07PM
so if youre new to this gameCrowsB4Hoes510/24 5:00PM
6v6 is actually so stupid
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MachDragon2510/24 4:53PM
How many of you Scrawns got that coveted gold border youve been crying about?Mander1861410/24 4:53PM
even when a challenger player smurfs they feed on my teamzhe_king_of_ape310/24 4:40PM