Who is your ARAM champion you always get?

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User Info: zefig

3 years ago#21
I kept getting Lee and Shen :<
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User Info: -Lynx-

3 years ago#22
For a long time I was getting Tristana constantly. Now I almost never get her. Instead, I'm getting Vi constantly. No problem though, I enjoy playing her. Recently won a 4v5 with her, although my Heimer's positivity was keeping everyone playing at their best, so I give most of the credit to him.

User Info: LazyKenny

3 years ago#23
I get Poppy quite often.
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User Info: MwarriorHiei

3 years ago#24
garen, alistar, trundle

User Info: xSighx

3 years ago#25
i get hecarim, katarina, and wukong way more often than other champions

User Info: NatetheGreat333

3 years ago#26
Twisted Fate and Poppy, but I almost always get Pantheon when he's free.
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User Info: FreshSushi

3 years ago#27
all of em, i own all da champs
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User Info: 12fingerJIM

3 years ago#28
Taric. Pink Taric is op.
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User Info: Xialoh

3 years ago#29
I've probably gotten Tristana more than anything else over the course of 130 or so matches.
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User Info: ZhaRnotczar

3 years ago#30
Ezreal and fiddlesticks every time. The number of times I've played those guys in aram is so disproportionate to the number of champs I have and how many games I've played.
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