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What's so good about the static shiv on trist?
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Can someone explain Lucian to me after his big range nerf?
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shadyelf248/20 6:58PM
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Champion Idea: Zaheer the Air Acolyte
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Unit1027138/20 6:51PM
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Has League ever started a RL argument between you and a friend? (Poll)
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Is this an OK Urgot Top build (TopGot)?
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Blakkheim1148/20 6:35PM
Servers down again.
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Rain_Dust448/20 6:24PM
Stop complaining about how OP Swiftness Urgot is, just stop it.
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SeizureGoat238/20 6:19PM
Champion Combo Attacks (Poll)SeizureGoat98/20 6:08PM
Yasuo will never be balanced :(
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Walker_Real268/20 6:08PM
Low-level "free week" question...
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RoyalShine118/20 6:07PM
What happened to Japan? How come they're not in competitive gaming?
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Evilmonster288/20 5:58PM
Is this good yasuo build?chypil38/20 5:57PM