Nami Jungle?

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User Info: x_Cute_Gamer_x

3 years ago#1

does anyone know if Nami jungle is viable?
Het bubble seems to be a great ganking tool...
What are her pro's and her con's?

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User Info: Blueyoshi14

3 years ago#2
Using her extensively, I can say shes one of the, if not the, worst minion clearer I own. Jungles all about killin minions. Take that as you will

User Info: JDood

3 years ago#3

Super vulnerable to counter jungling/ invades, bad clear times and her bubble is easy to dodge.
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User Info: _HeX

3 years ago#4
No. Just.. NO.
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User Info: Gevauden

3 years ago#5
She can't CS for caca so no way in hell can she do Jungle.
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User Info: FoxLift

3 years ago#6

User Info: MassOfFlesh

3 years ago#7
Rush hurricane for jungle clears and shes viable.

User Info: applebob

3 years ago#8
Just play Jarvan or something. You don't see her in the jungle for a reason.
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User Info: thisisboris2

3 years ago#9
do it it's cool

they'll never expect those waves coming out of the jungle
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User Info: monkey_man0

3 years ago#10
Silly billy, fish are for water not forest!
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