Silly things you thought while new to the game

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User Info: Extension_Force

3 years ago#1
I was reminiscing about my time as a newb (as opposed to noob), and remember explaining to my younger brother who played more than I did that junglers were useless and cost teams games.

Silly as that sounds, now that I think about it though, I think I was right considering I was under level 20 at that point. Watching some lower level games right now and thinking about what mine were like, duo top/mid was much much better than players with crap runes/masteries and no idea what they were doing trying to jungle

User Info: LaqOfInterest

3 years ago#2
Smiting champions
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User Info: Esumark

3 years ago#3
LaqOfInterest posted...
Smiting champions

User Info: Beech_tibs

3 years ago#4
master yi's alpha strike was impossible to predict (dmg and return location)
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User Info: TalynRahl

3 years ago#5
I didn't know you could use keys 1-6 to activate items, so I would manually click pots/on use Items...

User Info: HeartlessCharms

3 years ago#6
I didn't buy any items my first few games.
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User Info: jats605

3 years ago#7
TalynRahl posted...
I didn't know you could use keys to activate spells.
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User Info: YoukaiSlayer

3 years ago#8
I thought pots were a waste of money. Im still pretty new though so i guess all the things i think right now.
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User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
3 years ago#9
Hmm... When I first started I read guides pretty much constantly... I never made any thoughts of my own that I couldn't find the answer to SOMEWHERE in a guide, and I played Magic the Gathering somewhat so I knew to read things carefully for actual meaning....

I do remember always clicking on items rather than using the number keys for quite a while. I think that was the only dumb thing I had never looked up and kept doing like a scrub...

User Info: ShyGuySay

3 years ago#10
That flash was broken-ohwait.

but more seriously, I thought Smite was useless. I played jungle when I first started, but I mained fiddles, so killing it wasn't a problem. I always thought smite was dumb and useless since I would kill it at almost full hp anyways.

Most of the things I thought when I was new actually carried over to now (partially because I had people play with me when I got into the game). For example:

-People who don't buy wards are stupid. Fid ult + Fear + Drain was enough to pretty much guarantee a kill on anyone low level (and a lot of the time at high levels), and t could all be prevented with a single item.

-Fiddles was broken for the above reason. While it's not completely true (he's not quite broken), I'd still say he's very powerful and underestimated.
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