What are champions do you consider to be fair/balanced?

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Get it? She's a fox! Like Fox News... Fair and Balanced...

I'm sorry.
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Always felt Ezreal was a fairly balanced champ.
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TwoShensGG posted...
Aatrox, Ahri, Akali, Alistar, Anivia, Annie, Ashe, Blitz, Brand, Cait, Cass, Cho, Corki, Darius, Diana, Mundo, Draven, Elise, Eve, Ezreal, Fiora, Fizz, Galio, GP, Garen, Gragas, Graves, Hec, Irelia, J4, Jayce, Jinx, Karma, Karthus, Katarina, Kennen, Kha'Zix, Kog, Leblanc, Lee Sin, Leona, Lissandra, Lucian, Lulu, Lux, Malzahar, Malphite, Maokai, MF, Morde, Morgana, Nami, Naut, Nid, Noc, Nunu, Olaf, Ori, Panth, Poppy, Quinn, Rammus, Riven, Rumble, Ryze, Sej, Shaco, Shen, Shyv, Singed, Sion, Sivir, Skarner, Sona, Soraka, Swain, Talon, Taric, Teemo, Trist, TF, Twitch, Udyr, Urgot, Varus, Vayne, Veigar, Vi, Viktor, Voli, WW, Vlad, Xin Zhao, Yorick, Zac, Zed, Ziggs, Zilean, Zyra

Elise? I consider her one of the top inbalanced champions. She has so much utility and her Q can scale with total health AND hp missing. She even has 6 spells at level 3. I never have fun with her in any lane.
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