Season 3 Win %

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User Info: T-Viral-X

3 years ago#11
Banking on Zelda Wii U being a Glass Zelda - 7/5/11

User Info: xDarknezzx

3 years ago#12
81 wins
77 losses

not great
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User Info: noobody1

3 years ago#13
100 games, 63 wins, plat V 0 lp.

Played about 70 Nasus games with 61~62% win rate
Viridi is my waifu

User Info: YattaRX8

3 years ago#14
65w 46l - 58.6% Plat 1

I was going to go for Diamond 5, but after the day of Verizon hell, I found that I could either play all day for a couple days straight or do something more productive like... anything else. I chose anything else.
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User Info: Featherwind

3 years ago#15
60 win 41 loss playing 78 games as support and 23 as AD.

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