I've determined the new Season 4 ADC opener after many playthroughs

#1PrintScreenKeyPosted 11/29/2013 5:20:29 AM
With the changes to the masteries and items, I've noticed that item strengths have changed.

I've built crit and found that crit is weaker now. It must be because the nerf to crit dmg and crit atk spd from the offense tree.


The best first item is Spirit of the Elder Lizard
Reasons why:
- Long sword start is a strong start because it provides a balance of CSing ability and sustain.
- Long sword start builds into elder lizard.
- Elder lizard is a strong item for winning lane because every stat is useful (AD, CDR, hp/5 and mp/5).
- The item makes efficient use of your gold for its stats.
- It helps you snowball because each champion kill AND assist gives an extra 40 gold. When the jungler ganks and he gets the two kills, you'll get half assist gold between the support and yourself. Normally this would be 75 gold each (25% of the total kill gold). An extra 40 gold on these assists is equivalent to an increase of the bounty by 53%. 1 assist = 33% gold increase. 3 Assists = 80% increase.
- The item's passive encourages participating in team fights as a great way to earn gold.
- The item retains its strengths from season 3, namely, buff/dragon clear time and on-hit true damage.

The next items to build depend on your ADC champion of choice.

SS, BoRK and LW will always work because of their complementary passives. BoRK is anti-HP, LW is anti-armor and SS is wave clear which gives balance of everything.

Be careful when buying IE, PD or BT. Although they are very general purpose items, they don't accomplish a goal. They may add raw damage but they don't accomplish anti-armor, anti-hp or wave clear that SS/BoRK/LW accomplish.

BT is the most situational item and is only good on AD casters.

With this opener you should be winning more games