Rate the Champion at this Role/Position Day 17-1: Karma support

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My mistake, you are correct. It is a snare.

Staying within range for 2 seconds shouldn't be difficult in team fights however (especially if you cast Defiance right before using Focused Resolve) and she still offers more utility and (potentially more) damage to teamfights than Annie does.

Depends on the team comps, but usually getting to cast multiple RE's is better than RQ's.

Which is why I mentioned using Defiance (RE). Soulflare does have moments where it is superior though. The trick with Karma is deciding when those moments are.

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I have hard times fiding when to use R W

RW is pretty much exclusive to dueling. If you take Karma mid or top and go against an overly zealous player (especially bruisers and assassins)- you can punish them for it. It will heal you for 40% of your health total, making you deceptively tanky as well as doing decent damage. The best thing about RW though is that you can use Q and E while it is channeling- making you shield a good chunk of damage on top of the heal you are receing and dealing out a surprising amount of damage as well.

Also, thanks to Karmas low cooldowns (and some CDR) you can get off a Q at the beginning of the channel, shield some damage, root them, and land another Q. Throw in an ignite and they are saying goodnight.
And in case they somehow survived all of that- you can run away or chase with another E.
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I'll give that a shot, thanks
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this is the final bump for those who get angry at them
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...would rather have a tibbers stun in team fights, karma 2/10 for being a lane bully and then losing the game

Dude, this isn't bronze anonymous.

Annie's stun is her only utility (don't get me wrong though, it's still a big selling point, just not as amazingly credible by itself as some seem to think). That's it. Come lategame, I'd probably rather have a Sona on my team for that exact reason (Her damage falls off regardless -- You're not an AP carry).

However laning phase means a lot, and Karma provides good utility and is generally more flexible.

Annie's strong because her laning has insane zoning capabilities and scales decently into teamfights. But she isn't the end all be all of lategame supports because "hurr durr she haz a stun". She's alright at teamfighting (let's not overrate her on this aspect...), but it's mostly the early/mid phase where her reliable base damages carry her through. She hurts.

Karma hurts too though (albeit more range for the cost of reliability -- you need to land skillshots). And provides more sustained utility and hastes. But it's apples and oranges. I mean, Ashe has an awesome stun and Sivir has speedboosts, but that doesn't mean Ashe is better off because of it (Or vice versa, theoretically) .

Also, Karma is much better now than in S3 because while her utility/damages have always been good, her reliance on CDR and items in general have been resolved. With 10-17.5% CDR in runes/masteries and Talisman, she's hitting near 40% within 10-15 mins of the game and that can mean providing a shurelya's every 20 seconds or so. And Sivir's taught us that that's pretty damn useful.

But then there's no strictly better champion (than another) in general. But both Annie/Karma are great general picks.

Then again, I'd still say Sona/Nami/Lulu/Janna are the pinnacle of lategame supports. But laning phase matters a whole lot now for supports so we're mostly seeing stronger candidates for that being widely used (not to say Sona/Lulu's laning phases are bad per-say, but not on the same level as Annie/Karma/Leona etc...). I still pick them now and again though if my team comp calls for it.

Although I will say that Karma is much much more difficult to play (and play with as the AD) than Annie. Annie might be better at low elo for that reason.