Rate the Champion at this Role/Position Day 18-1: Nidalee mid

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Try to use 5/10 as an "average" vote, though I think people use 7 anyways lol - Results (79 votes)
15.19% (12 votes)
2.53% (2 votes)
2.53% (2 votes)
3.8% (3 votes)
3.8% (3 votes)
10.13% (8 votes)
15.19% (12 votes)
18.99% (15 votes)
16.46% (13 votes)
11.39% (9 votes)
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-When voting try to take the following into account: synergy with lane partner (if any), matchups, moveset, skill needed at any ELO, overall contribution to team at all points of a game, playing against this champ, how overall the champ compares to others of the role, etc.

-I'll be doing two champions a day because it would take way too long to do all champs

-I included roles since a bunch of champs can fit in multiple (usually 2-3) roles.

-For now I'll mostly stick with "meta accepted" champ+role combos but I'll eventually do 'weird' ones later on.

Previous Results:
Tryndamere - 8.36 (81 votes)
Jax - 8.22 (110 votes)
Singed- 7.79 (85 votes)
Rumble - 7.41 (58 votes)
Garen - 7.09 (67 votes)
Jayce - 7.07 (83 votes)
Kha'Zix- 6.66 (88 votes)

Elise - 8.31 (75 votes)
Udyr - 8.06 (79 votes)
Nautilus - 7.21 (72 votes)
Xin Zhao- 6.79 (76 votes)
Hecarim - 6.63 (59 votes)
Maokai - 6.37 (63 votes)
Nunu - 6.20 (51 votes)

Gragas - 8.73 (63 votes)
Ziggs - 7.74 (77 votes)
Swain - 7.46 (80 votes)
Morgana - 7.30 (74 votes)
Viktor- 6.98 (92 votes)
Diana - 6.72 (62 votes)
Twisted Fate - 6.67 (71 votes)
Ryze - 6.34 (77 votes)
Galio - 5.61 (88 votes)

Caitlyn - 8.00 (80 votes)
Draven - 7.83 (66 votes)
Ashe- 6.97 (134 votes)
Miss Fortune - 6.43 (80 votes)
Kog'Maw - 6.08 (75 votes)

Sona - 8.60 (85 votes)
Blitzcrank - 8.17 (86 votes)
Lulu- 7.70 (86 votes)
Janna - 7.38 (72 votes)
Karma - 7.12 (60 votes)
Alistar - 5.56 (78 votes)
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literally the devil
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4/10. Dunno about the rest, but I've literally never had problems against a Mid Nidalee. Just giving her 4/10 because, if people find her annoying in mid, there must be a good reason and I'm just facing garbage.
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A lot of spite votes here. This is pretty amusing.
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As someone who spent some time maining Nidalee, I can openly admit that mid lane was a very tough lane with her. See, but here's what Nidalee is, if you can't beat your mid lane, at least you can outsustain them and farm. Winning lane was a bit of a luxury and in fact happened a lot more than usual, but I did anyway. My focal point was more to farm rather than kill my lane opponent and just make myself viable for mid game, which is where she shines the most.

She's not just spears and land them and kill, Nidalee also induces and deterrence against the enemy team and she's make them fear you a bit psychologically. Assuming, you've farmed and your Q is max, at mid-max range you are doing decent damage, during a push if you hit 2-3 spears, you'll create enough fear to poke down the tower a bit. She also creates this similar sensation with traps. Trapping non creep pathways, this creeps the fear of stepping on them. The utility to them also goes to creating some map control in some strategic locations. If you have an organized team you can set some traps up in the jungle and initiate team fights there, whilst stepping on traps.

Lastly, she has the heal. Honestly, I think it is ridiculous op. If memory serves me correct, it has a 0.7 ratio and you have insane attack speed for that duration? That is ridiculous. That makes pushing with her a lot more scary. I rated her a 9/10 because I understand her mechanics and her purpose. I have played her top lane and beaten top tier champs, mid, and even support. I wish they would revert the changes to her cougar form stats, but life goes on.

tl;dr: Nidalee is not an average champ. She's very team dependent, great for poke teams, and overall a great champ that deserves proper recognition.
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She either wins or loses the game by herself. Such a stupid design.
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She's has way to many aspects to her kit. Poke, sustain, map control, escape. all of these feats are on low cool downs. the only thing she can't deal with is hard engage.

Doesn't matter if you can't hit 9 out of 10 of your spears when 1 lucky placed spear can be game changing. Her High mobility is also an issue meaning that chasing her is hard to impossible.

Her cool downs are far to low. She is far to safe in lane. Her only defect is that she isn't much of team fighter. Trying to get a solid engage from a tank in solo queue with follow up though is asking a lot.

If they just reduced the base damage on her Q or increased its cool down a bit then it would be fine. but even early on getting hit with a Q even from "close" range can hurt just from its high base damage and range scaling.
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