How do you beat support Annie?

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Covenant posted...
You play Leona or Thresh and don't run garbage runes. Picking a stronger AD carry than your opponent also helps.

Thresh can trade autoattacks with Annie even though his range is bad thanks to her attack speed being the worst in the game and his autoattacks hurt more due to Flay's passive.

Leona beats her in all-ins early, especially with a level advantage that is hard to deny her due to Runic Shield's execution effect.

Chargers_31 posted...
Annie is just as tanky as Leona at level 3, which is when Leona gets her power spike.

Leona has better base stats. At level 3, she has 79 health, 7 armor, and 3 magic resist over Annie. Eclipse is also a better steroid than Molten Shield (8 points better in each defense considering scaling). Lastly, Leona is more likely to have items and masteries geared towards defense.

Comparing Annie to Leona in this manner is pointless, though. Neither of them are getting focused because they're both tankier than the AD carry they're supporting. Note that Leona can go in at level 2 without Eclipse due to her superior base stats, defensive masteries, and itemization though it is not ideal.

As Leona you have to dive in, meaning you're going to fight in their minion wave and thus take more minion damage during the fight.

Proper attack-moving and initiation timing trivializes minion damage, especially when you aren't the one getting focused.

Annie's combo does more damage (even if you can get 2-3 procs of your passive), has more range, an AoE stun (that is half a second longer than Leona's single-target stun).

Annie's combo does 215 damage at level 3 if she doesn't take Molten Shield (165 if she does). Leona's combo deals 224 damage with no Sunlight procs consumed. Sunlight procs can boost that as high as 329 damage.

Annie's AE stun is unreliable before Tibbers, especially with a melee support. Leona and the AD carry are going to be fairly far away from each other and it only takes a tiny movement from Leona to ensure that you cannot hit them both.

I believe this is an appropriate time to say "rek't"

I have had success 3/3 times as Zilean. Bombs at lvl 1 before she can stun often and double bombs at lvl 2 make her play VERY passively the rest of laning phase. Lvl 1 bomb has 90 base damage. Obviously 2 bombs is 180. Assuming you did 1 or 2 before you each hit level 2, Annie is down 270-360hp as soon as you hit level 2. The girl only has like 500 at that point.

Post 6, Annie can all-in if she wants, but your revive pretty much nullifies it. She's got no more huge burst by the time you or the adc are revived, but Zilean does. He'll have another double bomb ready.
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Leona does not beat Annie. >_>

There is almost no way to beat Annie right now thanks to the season 4 changes.
Just ban her. That's about it.

No one outdamages her, even if you have Leona and can connect on her here is what happens. She aoe stuns you, bursts your Leona down, and if their adc decides to engage they can just burst your adc instead. Annie's burst doesn't suffer from the traditional support sense.

And then you get further into the game and you have Annie dropping 600+ damage aoe stun burst onto your team also? That's just freaking stupid.


Ban Annie or pick Annie. That's it.
If you REALLY want to try it, do support Sion. Your burst is better but your utility is less and unless your Sion play is really good the Annie will do better than you once the game gets going but in lane you have a decent advantage over Annie as a support in terms of being able to trade.
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Leona actually maxes her tankiness ability and if the ADC procs the sunlight passive, it does a lot of burst. She also has more CC.

Annie either maxes her early burst or her tankiness, not both. Her only real advantage is her ranged autos.
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MajinUltima posted...
AE_ posted...
Leona is quite good against Annie.
Also, Sonas Q has a longer range than annies AA or Abilities, poke her.

--Leona is decent but REALLY needs to be 6+. Having your ult for the 2nd stun and some ranks in your W is a LOT more important than Tibbers is. Before 6, with only 1 single-target melee stun, Annie can be really annoying if your adc has a shorter range themself (Sivir or Vayne, for example). Leona is generally a lot stronger in teamfights as the game gets going, whereas un-fed Annie struggles to contribute as heavily.

If you're not losing badly, and Annie is getting a bit incidentally fed securing kills, then their adc is probably un-fed instead. It makes no real difference, you can dive them both like crazy in teamfights.

lol a fed Annie will steamroll the enemy team so hard with a Tibbers initiation.
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TastyOrifiel posted...
Siblingz posted...
Support karma out right counters annie because of her disengage/poke

As for adc basically anyone that can discourage her from harassing early game. Draven comes to mind.

How? Karma just dies to an entire Annie combo before getting the chance to shield away

Because of her poke and her disengage. Are you bronze?
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pick soraka then proceed to laugh her out of lane.