Teach me to shaco

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Got shaco awhile ago, but played him first time pvp. Not going to lie, went 2/3/2, but considering how poor my team mates did that was most likely the best score on the team.

Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed playing him, far different from my usual Mage mid or generic support I always play. How is he build? AD? Hybrid? I feel like shiv is a good item on him, but what else?

And what should I be doing after Lansing phase?

Thanks in advance guys!
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edit: I agree with the Above poster. I played shaco for around 300+ matches and I learned a lot watching Beautiful korean play.

However, only thing I do different from BK besides not being on his level is i build
hydra, berker boots, static, last wisper and then I.e That build you will have A LOT of burst and be able to catch and kill most non tank characters.

* dont use your Q in the bush. People can see that. Use it behind so they don't know you're coming.

* Your goal is to always kill adc or the biggest threat that is squishy. Personally I like to Q then pop ult behind them because it gives like 1 sec to get both you and clone to get some dmg without them responding accordingly.

* use your Q then w as a snare in case you are chased.

* you will fall off a bit late game so the reason why i say get hydra is in case you ahve an opening to split push, you will be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

* finally... try to avoid getting the kill if it can be avoided. Many wont really care much, but its more beneficial for the team to get them instead of you. Trust me you kinda screw over the team when you get the kills... here is actual proof.


This was when i was fresh 30' so i made many mistakes =D

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He's best built as a tanky AP support.
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