is lb gonna get nerfed?

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Its not like shes had any sort of buffs or changes in general in a really long time. Like literally nothing has changed about her between the time everyone said she was crap with no late game and now when people are claiming she's OP except that she's seeing some attention in the LCS.

That usually doesn't mean anything to Riot I don't think. Their nerfs are almost always knee-jerk reactions as opposed to things they put thought into, like how they're nerfing Kayle right now even though she's been blowing people up for a year.

Kayle is completely different. The Offense mastery changes gave her a huge damage buff because she is AP and also AA based. Spellweaving, Bladeweaving, Arcane Blade, and Devastating Strikes all benefit from her E powered AAs.

She's been top tier since the Nashors rework. The masteries only helped a little.
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I think the main problem with her, is that she has on-target makes it really easy to to kill.

I think her chain has a very deceptive hit bot that needs readjustments or visual rework to fix (the worst deceptive hitbox being threshed death sentence).

Maybe changing her attacks (dunno, Q maybe) to a skill shot vs on target seems like the fix would work for me.
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lb isn't really that good when she isn't fed or if she is put behind early game
but like all other champs, she relies on the team being effective
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If they nerfed Ahri, they sure as hell can nerf LB.
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