How do you guys think Teemo is going to get nerfed?

#31Maniacaly_SanePosted 1/31/2014 3:56:48 AM
They need to address that global passive of his. Its way too OP

Srs talk

Oracles was a bad item. Its balancing was weird (500g can disappear instantly, or reward immenseley... WAY too high risk/reward) and it made champions with stealth completely useless. Thank. God. Its. Gone.

Now that its gone, stealth functions as it should. Stealth in any game is a strange mechanic to balance between user and opponents. Who do you give the power to "break" the stealth? The user? (Teemo, Eve) or the opponent? (Pink wards, Lee Sin)

Now Teemo's Shrooms have a lot of aspects to them.

Huge DoT damage
Vision (map control)
Massive Slow
No Limit (actually false, since their limit is based on their CD... But wtv)

So whats the problem with shrooms? Generally they give too much power for nothing...
Arguably (but thats neither here nor there)

Now how do we fix them? Simply reduce one or more of their benefits from the list.

Now I am 100% sure Riot has some grand balancing equations and charts and stuff that they look at in depth pretty much constantly. Without these, suggesting exact numbers is pointless... But

my suggestion? And the TL;DR

Increase the time they take to charge, and you reduce...
Overall Damage,
Map Control,
AND their map limit.

One number, 3 nerfs.
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#32MettanAtemPosted 1/31/2014 4:12:18 AM
Make Toxic Shots cost mana like Ashe's frost arrows.
#33joonyoungiePosted 1/31/2014 4:17:00 AM
i hope he gets hit by the nerf bat so hard that he wakes up and finds himself in HoN or something