Can't decide between 1 of these 3 skins.

#11QuantumMechonisPosted 2/14/2014 5:02:20 PM
Bioforge Darius = Mountain Dewrius

Otherwise Pool Party Renekton.
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#12mralpha543Posted 2/14/2014 5:06:03 PM
You misspelled Groudon n0Ob

Scorched Earth is the best skin though. Ground type reppin!
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#13EphidelPosted 2/14/2014 5:38:42 PM
I'd say Pool Party Renekton, but honestly the Renekton skins are pretty close in what they offer. Just depends on if you want a serious or funny skin and if you prefer fire or water.
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#14Eagles931Posted 2/14/2014 5:40:50 PM
Scorched earth is badass, all that pool party has is the recall.
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#15Waluigi1Posted 2/14/2014 5:47:12 PM
Xelltrix posted...
Pool Party is so far ahead of the other skins it's not even funny.

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