Question about mystery gifts

#1MishimaBloodPosted 2/15/2014 10:13:24 PM
Ok, so my friend gave me a mystery gift and I got the Crimson Akali skin.. He said it was a legacy skin, so my question is, is there potential to get every skin out of the mystery gift? Like Championship, Victorious, Ultimate, Pax etc?
By the way, the splash art of Crimson Akali is badass but the ingame model is just a re colour :( .. I can only hope for an Akali VU so that they fix this skin too
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#2irishman5705Posted 2/15/2014 10:14:50 PM(edited)
Skins you had to attend events to get (Champ/Pax) or get through season rewards aren't in the rotation. Legacy/Ultimate skins are fair game tho.
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