Only playing Twitch for season 4

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2 years ago#1

Just like season 3, im only going to play Twitch. i had roughly 1600 ranked played last season ( )

as of march 20, im plat 5 in solo queue, diamond 5 in 3's and unranked in ranked 5's


1. Why Twitch
Twitch is a very versatile champion, he can go in any position and still do well. That and he strangely does well in 3's as well.

2.What's with that 1 poppy game
Once i got into plat season 3, the player pool got smaller and smaller. people would either recognize me and take twitch to spite me to force me dodge or they would look at my lolking ranked stats and think it would be hilarious to take twitch from me . I decided that if i had one poppy game with a 0/0/0 record people would think twice before they did that. i only had to threaten to pick poppy 3 times and only actually picked it 1 other time to force them to dodge.

3. What's with your build (Hurricane + Zhoyna ?!?!)
For season 4, im trying out hurricane in a new build. Its currently
1. Berserker's greave
2. Blade of the ruined king
3. Runaan's Hurricane
4. Last Whisper
5, Infinity Edge
6. Defensive item, sometimes Zhoyna, but whatever defensive stats i need

Explanation: I've been testing out hurricane and i feel that the 2 bolts + 20% more attack speed makes up for the fact you are missing crit %. But im still working it out to see if it is a good item. Zhoyna is a good item if they have a high mobility team that you can't really escape from. It gives armor and gives a lot of damage for expunge

4. What's with your 19/11
I usually duo with another player or do 3's, and getting 11 defensive is pretty useful when we have a very aggressive comp (leona bot, zyra nami). plus the oppression mastery is useful because landing a slow means they are doing 3% less damage on everything. but im about to take a closer look at it soon and will probably rework it

Wanna watch? Im currently streaming on ! Follow if you want, it has a 90second delay on it because getting ghosted sucks. If you want to comment post in this topic or on the twitch chat and im pretty good at responding promptly
2 years ago#2
im streaming right now if anyone wants to watch.
2 years ago#3
This will end about as well as Evangelion.
Haters gonna hate......
2 years ago#4
MasterShot2k5 posted...
This will end about as well as Evangelion.

everyone lived happily ever after right?
2 years ago#5
Watching. I remember liking your stream.
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2 years ago#6
xVashTS98x posted...
Watching. I remember liking your stream.

i remember liking you <3
2 years ago#7
if i was that jinx

instant ragequit.
2 years ago#8
HeartlessCharms posted...
if i was that jinx

instant ragequit.

his heart isn't in it, he's just farming and doing jack squat
2 years ago#9
dick duo went afk too long and now i have to wait 5 mins ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2 years ago#10
timmychan will pay for his crimes
RaptorLC: So instead you made a sucky suicide that you're lucky was deleted quickly, so only a few LUEsers are actively mocking you for how bad it was.
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