Best Burst Mages?

#11WyrmcraftPosted 3/28/2014 8:49:55 PM
He said he wanted Ranged people, reading comprehension.

Ranged burst mages are typically tricky to play right. Additionally burst, ranged, and presence is a really hard package to deliver. Ranged invalidates all the melee mages like Gragas, Kassadin, and etc while having a strong lane also ferrets out people like Viegar and Malzahar.

The sort of champs you are asking for with these specifics have weak late-games in exchange for their strong early to mid game. Annie is a strong lane bully who can explode anyone at six, however she drops off due to her low range and may be picked away from you as a support. Leblanc is a terror to play properly at first, and also falls out some later into the game. Viktor is not someone I would recommend but he fills the role you want. Syndra also does what you want but is also a massively complex champion, and landing a full ult is difficult.

Not a whole lot of other champions that fit all your wants though.
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literally describing leblanc. C'mon gfaqs.
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Syndra, Annie, Lux, Veigar
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I'm sorry Wyrm, did you just imply Malzahar has weak lane presence?
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Came in here to say syndra fits this to a t.

Easier champ that fits ranged burst with lane potential but less roam is brand. The man has scary damage, though its a mix of burst in pillar stun conflagrate ult and sustained damage. And team fights are insane with his ult.
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actually TC... if you want a trickier champ to use...

One of the most powerful burst combos in the whole league is AP Trist. Veigar WISHES his ult scaled that hard.

(Trist also wishes she didnt have to suicide jump to get kills but wtv)

shes wonky though, and you will suck at first. She needs a DFG before her combo is complete, but being able to instantly 100 - 0 even bruisers is an awesome feeling.
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Viktor is bursting with burst.
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angelwkw3 posted...
POkemon_PoWeR posted...
Literally posted on the board 3 times in the past hour, calm yourself.
Ahri, Leblanc, Gragas, Diana, Akali if you want burst roam.
Veigar is you just want burst.

Diana can't burst a paper bag. That champion is so awful and I'm sick of her seeing her on my team.

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