for f***'s sake, just had to dodge in my f***ing promos

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sonics_reign posted...
You don't lose any mmr for dodging so it does have that benefit over staying and getting a guaranteed loss.

Bingo. First person in this topic to actually understand why it is ok to sometimes dodge a promo.
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omega bahumat posted...
thats why you wait 5-10 minutes before requeueing

or, you know, a minute.

Chance for requeue is still there

Oddly enough, I once played a game, took a break for a full hour, queue'd, and landed in a game with someone that had been on my team in my last match. I was like Bronze 1 at the time, so the chances of this happening seems absurdly low given the number of people queue'ing at that level and the amount of time I waited to queue.

Not that he was a bad player (by Bronze standards), it was just weird.
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I forgot to pick on my first promo, then I carried the next 2 like a champ, gold3 to gold 1 league skipping huehuehue.
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