When will Riot address poopy?

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Urgot has supposedly been in rework mode for 1+ year, gone through 13 kit changes. (According to Phreak). So yeah... don't get your hopes up.

A true testament to really just how incompetent and way over their heads the people at Riot are. Valve is making changes and constantly trying to balance the gameplay of Dota 2, new content is being rolled out every so often and they actually listen to their community.

What? Valve doesn't rework champs, they mostly give stat changes, their balance patches generally come once a month(about the same amount that balance patches come for Riot), and saying they don't listen to their community is an overstatement. And we just got U.R.F. It may not be the same as Valve, but stop seeing only what you want to see.

Where did I say that Valve reworks heroes? They dont need to rework because they are constantly adjusting and tweaking, and they dont just nerf or buff numbers but focus on what makes each hero unike and then give room for counterplay unlike Riot who doesn't know how to balance properly.

Then why are you comparing a rework to a series of tweaks? Reworks happen because they can't simply tweak the champ, Could you imagine poppy with a weaker early game and a stronger late? She'd never get there. How bout if they buffed her early game but weakened her late? They can't do that because of the very existence of her ult, the shift would have to be drastic, and even then there still wouldn't be a good middle ground.

And Riven is the perfect example of such a balance philosophy, Riven was an extremely strong duelist with great snowballing potential, great early game, and the ability to shrug off a lot of damage. She could shrug off too much damage for too long considering her initial health regen and shield, so they nerfed the crap out of it while preserving her aggressive stance(more or less), and snowballing potential.

Even then this complaint is hilarious, because when they were constantly tweaking and rebalancing you all overlooked buffs in exchange for always focusing on their nerfs and complaining about constant tweaks. Now it doesn't happen as often and you have the nerve to say they don't listen? What exactly do you want?
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