Okay, the new voice over lines for Primetime Draven needs its own topic.

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http://i.imgur.com/WxalyaZ.png http://i.imgur.com/Kgy3ay3.png
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p___o___i posted...
Sounds like terrible stuff all the reddit kids say because they don't have a shred of their own personality or wit so they all want to talk the same way.

Way to ruin this skin

this it's really really obnoxious but I guess that's the community
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Day One buy.
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I'm just going to throw out there to those listening to the video, it won't sound as annoying in game where you hear a line maybe twice in a minute or two instead of 30+ in the same time frame.

Either way there should be no arguments about this skins quality. It's maginificent.

still waiting on a LoZ themed skin with Draven throwing boomerang looking axes
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The biggest problem with this skin is not only is it 100% breaking 4th wall, it is 3rd person based, and it is unimaginative seeing as almost everything he says is referenced to memes.
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Azalea9X posted...
Mmf topic