Woad Scout Quinn fights for the Freljord

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Neo-Violen posted...
Jarvan III should totally be in the game, he should also be even more ridiculous than J4 and be this gigantic older guy with a huge beard in M1 Abram tank armor using a gigantic mallet the size of Malphite that shoots heavy cannon shells.

Jarvan the Third should be a big, hulking man of muscle and badassery like Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising and his moveset should be wrestling themed, with a clothesline, a suplex ult, a flying cross-body or frog splash leap, and some sort of passive/ active W that causes some sort of special effect, like adding an additional effect to the next move he uses or some such.
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Bring back Journal of Justice.
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dib153 posted...
Riot really does need to flesh out some other regions.


Maybe more

why did Riot create these places? Just to ignore most of them?

Demacia,Noxus, and Ionia where the main focus for the first 3 seasons.
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Eh like 2 and a half. The later half of 3 was mostly Freljord.