Quinn's voice + lines are awful

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2 years ago#11
Valor squawks
Quinn: Who's there
Valor squawks again
Quinn: Fiora who?
Valor squawks once more
Quinn: Valor, that's just mean.

I almost forget Quinn fights for Demacia since she barely says anything about it. Kinda refreshing actually.
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2 years ago#12
I like playing Quinn just so that I can annoy everybody around me by "CAWCAWCAWCAW"ing every time I ult.

Kinda like Fiddlesticks.
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2 years ago#13
I used to hate her laugh, but somehow it's starting to grow on me. Kinda like mold, but a more mutual symbiosis kind. Lol.
2 years ago#14
I always thought she had one of the better voices. So calm.
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2 years ago#15
I am unsure how one can hate Quinn's voice when it is one of the best voices.
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2 years ago#16




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2 years ago#17
It IS pretty nice and calm, what do you want her to say? "Good evening summoner CAW CAW CAW LOOK AT ME IM A BIRD!!~!1!11`!!" ?
2 years ago#18
I hate the design on her original and new skin but I love her voice. Quite cute.
2 years ago#19
Uh anyone that thinks Quinn's voice is bad has absolutely no taste. Get out.

It's the kind voice I want to welcome me home after work.

she can call me valor in bed
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2 years ago#20
Duelisti posted...
Sometimes I swear that bird is just showing off.

Damn it, I was about to say this.

Also I think Quinn has the best voice
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  3. Quinn's voice + lines are awful

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